Jackpot sum in PLUSH

Meet Jackpot Sum; a carefree cleaner. One day he and his numskull co-workers find themselves involved in a robbery of a plush item. Before Jackpot is even aware, he’s already in the middle of a fierce gang war – where an unexpected turn of events awaits all involved.



‘Plush’ is a short comedic film – a modern silent film.


Director: Ruud Terhaag
D.O.P. Sebastiaan van Hamond
Written by: Ferdy Karto
Cast: Ferdy Karto, Dionne Zwennicker, Vincent Guittart, Duncan Meijering, Nanouk van der Elst, Reiko Tsuiki, Melissa Eid, Joram Peeters, Rowena Hiwat. With: Sachi Munika Rihal, Marjolein Wennekers, Anneloes Duine, Frandjescka Balootje.

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>Filmhuis Den Haag (21st of January)
>Roots Film Festival, The Hague (18th of April)
>Tlanchana Film Festival, Metepec Mexico (august 19-23th)