“The vigorous Ferdy Karto is an exhilarant performer. He delivers stories with a seemingly endless source of original schemes and expressions”

Eager on stage and with pen and paper: this creativity-ace is often perky, deadpan and bright. He produces stories, music sketches, scenes with that special seasoning of Ferdy-gizmo. With his timing, resourcefulness and style he creates, runs, yells, bellows, swings.. or is dumbfound for a moment.

info @ ferdykarto.nl


“This self proclaimed naivety & improv missionary is completely non-rational, playful, impromptu and intuitive. Brace for impact...”   – JSA


Ferdy is Shine: luscious and stirring. He is quaint, from time to time, but his performance is richly textured. What he does or how he does it is hard to describe, but it is fresh and engaging.”   – IWM