Born in a border town in the 80’s, Ferdy Karto’s life has been surrounded by the arts.  Performing music was never far away, but imagination drew him more and more towards a schooling of the performance arts. Currently he is an actor, creating projects with themes such as crossover, interaction and illogic. Participating in theater and film productions, he tends to bring timing, mimicry, subtlety and a dosage of whims.
Ferdy Karto has established himself as an author as well.


– “Ferdy delivers evolvement with a special seasoning of Ferdy-gizmo. With his timing & resourcefulness he always transmits vivid creativity”

– “This self proclaimed naivety & improv missionary is completely non-rational, playful, impromptu and intuitive. Brace for impact…”

– “Ferdy is Shine: luscious and stirring. He is quaint, from time to time, but his performance is richly textured. What he does or how he does it is hard to describe, but it is fresh and engaging”

Published works (Literature):

Ferdy Karto writes (short) stories, novels, theatre- and screenplays, non-fiction & articles.



(or send a mail to info @ ferdykarto [.] nl)

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